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This free MP3 to FLAC converter can help you convert MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) audio to FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio. The tool will try to maintain the audio quality of the source MP3 file and create a high quality FLAC file as much as possible.

How To Use

  1. Select a MP3 file.
  2. Click the "Convert" button to start uploading your files.
  3. Once the upload is complete, the converter will redirect a web page to display the conversion results.


  • The maximum upload file size is 200 MB.
  • Before uploading, please make sure you agree to the terms of this website.
  • If the file upload process takes a long time or is unresponsive or very slow, please try to cancel and resubmit.
  • This converter cannot support encrypted or protected audio files.
  • If the source file is a very large file, it will take more time to upload, be sure to select a valid file.

File Format Information

  • MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer 3) is an efficient and lossy compression format for digital audio, it offers a variety of different bit rates. The MP3 files can also be encoded at higher or lower bit rates, with higher or lower resulting quality. This format uses MPEG Audio Layer 3 encoding to compress audio data, which compresses the original file to a small file and still maintains good sound quality.
  • FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a lossless audio compression format, audio data is compressed without any loss, supports metadata tagging, stream format, fast seeking and more. This format is easy to decode and play, so this lossless compression encoded file is widely supported by many hardware, such as cell phones, home audio devices, car audio and more.

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