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This free compressor can help you compress CBZ/CBR comic books, reducing its file size and making these books easier to store, read and share. If you have many large comic books, you can use this tool to create a smaller comic book with the same content as the original file. You can control the compression level and the quality of the output image as needed. With the "Image Format" option, you can control the output image format. With the "Image Resize" option, you can control whether or not to resize the output image. If your source file is very large, the whole compression process may take a long time. The source file can be CBZ (Zip file format)/CBR (RAR file format)/CBT (Tar file format)/CB7 (7Z file format) files. The output file is CBZ comic book.

How To Use

  1. Select a CBZ/CBR file (such as *.cbz, *.cbr, *.cbt, *.cb7 and more)..
  2. Click the "Convert" button to start uploading your files.
  3. Once the upload is complete, the converter will redirect a web page to display the conversion results.

Main Options

  • Best Quality, output comic image has the best quality.
  • Good Quality, output comic image is better than the default option.
  • Default Quality, good choice for most uses.
  • Good Compression, output comic image is smaller than the default option.
  • Best Compression, output comic image is the smallest.

Image Format Options

  • Default, the output comic image is JPG image.
  • WEBP, the output comic image is WEBP image. If you choose the WEBP image format, the tool can create a smaller file size then the default image format, but you need to make sure that your comic viewer can support this format.

Image Resize Options

By default, the width and height of the output comic image is the same as the source image, and if it is adjusted to smaller values, a smaller compressed file can be obtained. This tool can resize the source image by a certain percentage (ranging from 90% to 10%).


  • The maximum upload file size is 200 MB.
  • Before uploading, please make sure you agree to the terms of this website.
  • If the file upload process takes a long time or is unresponsive or very slow, please try to cancel and resubmit.
  • This converter does not support encrypted or protected ebooks, such as DRM protection and more.

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